Hi, Jane Post here!
As you may have gathered, Jane Post NYC is my namesake rain and outerwear brand, of which I am the designer. The story of Jane Post is very much my story, and the good stuff begins in the ‘60s, with me as a young woman moving from my small town to the ever magnetic New York City.
It was there that I would meet my then partner in life and business, Jack Lipman, who at the time was a coat buyer for Bloomingdales.
His job took us from Paris to London, Milan to you name it. We visited the top fashion houses and sat front row at fashion shows. It was all as glamorous as it sounds, I reveled at the international fashion stage and learnt the value of curating a luxury, quality wardrobe.
Only a few years later, Jack and I founded Drizzle, a raincoat company, where I headed the design department. This was the beginning of a long and loving career, creating fabulous and functional costs! But how does this relate to Jane Post? Well, Jack passed at a young age and Drizzle was no longer meant to be. The years passed, I met and married my now husband, Bernard Post, making me Mrs Jane Post. See where this is going?
One call from CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue and I very happily came out of retirement. He had called to say there was no brand quite like Drizzle and asked me to develop an in-house brand for them. And there you have it, Jane Post was born and has since taken on a life of its own!
Size Guide

Here at Jane Post we try to keep our sizing simple. Our fits tend to be regular, with flattering shoulders and sleeves. Our models are approximately 5’9” and wear a size SMALL in the photos. Below is a general sizing chart to make things a little easier (all sizes given in inches).

Chest 40 42 44 47 50
Hip 45 47 49 52 55
Waist 41 43 45 48 51
 Bicep 14 14.5 15 15.75 16.5
Size Equivalents (US) 2 4/6 8/10 12/14 16


Nothing is exact so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at support@janepost.com